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  About Us  
  About US  
       CADETS CLUB is an organization of Former NCC (National Cadets Corps) cadets of Kerala region. It was started at Thrissur in the year 2000 under the Act of Travancore- Cochin Literacy Scientific & charitable societies registration Act 1955. It is a non-political and non-religious organization. Cadets Club endeavors to convey patriotic thoughts and the efforts of our proud jawans to the people. Cadets club aims for enhanced to the society and benefiting the multitude amidst the sophistication of mixed social fabric and thereby shaping the capable youths as National assets.  
  Aims of Cadets club  

   NCC training has a of lot of qualities that help the youth shape their personality by creating opportunities to know the society; adapting oneself  with any situation and enhancing life with better leadership qualities. Apart from these things, NCC training goes through strict discipline and inculcating patriotism among the students of schools and colleges.


Cadets Club aims to bring people with different thinking, vision and approaches under one umbrella and co-ordinate them to stand united on the cadets’ club platform.


To propagate patriotic thinking and spread the message of our proud defense to the people.


Rejuvenate the National Integration, Adventure activities and confidence among the youth for a better vision of their life and make them great national asset.


Cadets’ club members functioning in different fields bring their professional skills and output for the benefit of the society.


Members lead their life with charitable activities and spread message of the importance of social services to the society.


Encourage the gathering and sharing concept.

  Vision and Mission  

   Human beings and societies are inter- depended; mutually they are linked with serving concept. Survival is the outcome of serving. Cadets Club mission and vision is serve and survive. Serving goes through learning and teaching and survival is by creating the new methodological path in life. Cadets Club vision is to deliver the value based thoughts to the people and mission is to Educate, Pursue to think with proper life governance, Capability approach in life and make it a better National asset.

  The functioning areas  
  • Patriotic movements
  • National Integration
  • Encourage to join NCC  among the students
  • Defense pride to the people
  • Youth Empowerment
  • Social and charitable services to society
  • Skill development
  • Women’s empowerments
  • Adventure activities
  • Promote the environmentalism   

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